Daystar's Prince of Egypt *B ~Sold~

Tested G6S Normal!!

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DOB: 3/27/13  Height: N/A
Color: Light gold w/black points,  blue eyes
Percentages: (53.52/46.49%) Generation: 2nd

Tested G6S Normal!

Prince has wonderful conformation and very nice breed character.
His dam is a very easy milker, she also earned her milk star
on her 305 day test as a first freshener.
His sire's dam earned her virtual show champion
award in the summer of 2013.
Prince has an amazing personality, and loves human attention.

Prince's first kids hit the ground spring of 2015.
What an amazing batch of kids!
Out of 5 does bred to, he threw 6 does 3 bucks!
4 of which have blue eyes!!


V-Show Quotes

"#1 this is a very close placing with both boys having almost equal strengths,
but this buck has a slight edge with body capacity and strength of feet and legs."

- Gail & Harry Groot Summer 2013 Show


"One placing over two in a very close placing however I feel he has a slight advantage in angulation of the rear leg,
depth and width of chest floor, and width between the hocks."

 Karen Torrence Summer 2013 Show

"The buckling standing in first is placing over the second place for his
advantage of straight legs both fore and rear as seen from the front and back."

- Penny Tyler Fall 2013 Show

"#1 places over #4 for having less angulation through the hock in side profile,
and hocks more perpendicular to the ground when viewed from the rear.
#1 also has a longer bone pattern throughout.
- Katie Wolf Fall 2013 Show

"Two is placing over one in general appearance for his strength in the topline from withers to tailhead.
He is also more correct
  in his pasterns both front and rear.
In body capacity he has more width in his chest floor when viewed from the front."
- Jean Lucas Summer 2014 Show

"#2 places over #4 as he is more correct in general appearance. 
He is more correct in the placement of the front leg off the center of the shoulder,
the levelness of topline, and flatness of rump. 
He also stands on a set of rear legs that are more comfortably set underneath his body."
- Todd Biddle Summer 2014 Show

"1 places over 4 for his advantage in General Appearance, being stronger in the chine and more level in the rump.
In addition, he has more correct angulation in his hindlegs when viewed from the side."
- Tamara Taylor Fall 2014 Show

"#1 is over #4 in general appearance, he is more level in the topline from hips to pins. 
He stands higher on stronger pasterns. We also see a smoother blending on the top view with a bit more spring of rib. "
Crystal Eutsler Summer 2015 Show


Sire: Daystar's Sir Festus
Dam: Daystar's Lady Zibiah *P

Sire's Sire: Goat Steak King Solomon

Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's 7-Up *B

Sire's Dam: VMCH Daystar's Lady Miriam *P

Dam's Dam: Rafter-CSJ Black Jack's Shadoe

Prince at one day old

Prince at 3 weeks old

Prince at 2 months old:

Prince at 4 months old for Summer MDGA V-show

Prince at 7 months old for Fall MDGA V-show

Prince at 1 yr. 3 months old

Prince at 1 yr. 6 months old

Prince at 2 yrs. 3 months old

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