Beth Re'im JB Glory Be to God

DOB: 3/13/15 
cream buckskin, white splashes on sides, small blaze, frosted ears & muzzle

We lost Glory in birthing complication 6/22/2016.
We miss you Glory!!!


G6S Normal by parentage!!


V-Show Quotes

"Our #2 doe is over our #5 doe for her general appearance.  She stands on straight front legs with toes pointing almost straight ahead,
she also appears to be standing on stronger straighter rear pasterns.
  In the area of dairy character, I see a wider more open chest. 
Her shoulders are wide blending more smoothly into wider crops and into well sprung ribs.  "
- Crystal Eutsler Summer 2015 Show

#4 excels in length and levelness with a wide escutcheon and chest floor,
good body capacity and dairyness. She will grant width in the hip.

- Margo Piver Fall 2015 Show

Entry #4 over Entry # 3 in general appearance for length of topline from withers to rump and width between the hocks.
- Lavinia Allen Fall 2015 Show


Click Here to see Glory's extended pedigree.

Sire: Camanna EB Josiah Blue ++E83
Camanna EB Josiah Blue
Photo courtesy of Night Heron Farm

Dam: Royal Cedars CC Tiki's Encore

Sire's Sire: Camanna BA Elijah Blue

Dam's Sire: CH Alize Charleston Chew

Photo courtesy of Woest Hoeve Nubians

Sire's Dam: CH Camanna CT Jocelyn

Dam's Dam: Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki

Glory at 3 days old:

Glory at practically 2 weeks:

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