Beth Re'im JB Glory Be to God's Pedigree

Parents Grandparents G-Grandparents GG-Grandparents GGG-Grandparents GGGG-Grandparents

Camanna EB Josiah Blue (Polled, Blue Eyes)

Camanna BA Elijah Blue (polled, blue eyes)

Photo courtesy of Wags Ranch

Poppy Patch FC Blue Avatar (blue eyes)

Buttin'Heads Father Christmas

CH Buttin'Heads MoH Rising Son


Buttin'Heads Carmen Sandiego

GCH Buttin'Heads Black Iredsh Rose LA90

Buttin'Heads Galiping Ghost

Buttin'Heads Wedding Song

Poppy Patch FM Marilyn Monroe

Ponders End The Full Monty



Sugar Creek's PG Jane Seymour

4 Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot- O Gold

Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan

Camanna PC Cleopatra in Blue (polled, blue eyes)

Pecan Hollow TW Prince Caspian (polled)

Pecan Hollow PS Tennessee Waltz

Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm

Little Rascals Dance For Joy

CH/MCH Pecan Hollow BAW Ameretto

Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Willy

Twin Creeks MB Effervesence

Camanna FD Blue Veronica (blue eyes)

Hayseed Farm's FA Flash Dancer



Camanna RHB Blue Delilah (blue eyes)


Camanna AL Angel Heart

CH Camanna CT Jocelyn

photo's courtesy of Camanna's Petite Paradise

Tahoma Citation (polled)

Twin Creeks AH in the Spotlite (polled)

Little Rascals American Hero (polled)



Twin Creek BW Grande Finale



Mountain Quest AE Molasses

PromisedLand D&M Elvis



Mountain Quest RM Allspice



OTR Juniper's Guinevere

Gay-Mor's Berry's Juniper *S

Goodwood Lingonberry ++*S AR



ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E AR  


ARMCH OTR Minuet in C 2*D

Goodwood Alamo Messenger ++S AR



ARMCH Goodwood Kiwi 2*D


Royal Cedars CC Tiki's Encore

SGCH Alize Charleston Chew +*B


Lakeshore PS Tropical Storm *B

Lakeshore DL Perfect Storm +*B

Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke +*B

Kastdemur's Crown Excess +*B

SGCH Lakeshore-Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M

SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M

Kastdemur's At Your Service

SGCH Lakeshore-Farms EX Sierra 4*M

SG Lakeshore SH Hot Topic 1*M

SG Lakeshore EX Summer Heat *B

Kastdemur's Crown Excess

GCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M

SG Lakeshore-Farms Tropicana

SG Kastdemur's At Your Service ++*B

GCH Lakeshore-Farms Just Tangy 3*M


SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy 10*M

Floral-Orchard Red Hot Poker Jacob's-Pride Rock Garden

Will-O'-The-Wisp Red Rock

Six-M-Galaxy Princess Jazmin

Andee-Bee's Daisy Doll

Capricorn-Three EB Dominator

Cedersage Magic Baby Doll

SGCH Jacob's-Pride Pistachio Candy 9*M

Six-M-Galaxy Milanis Pistachio

Six M Galaxy Milestone

Six M Galaxy Tina's Milani 6*M

SGCH Jacob's-Pride Rock Crystal 8*M

Will-O'-The-Wisp Red Rock

SGCH Jacob's-Pride Yonina 7*M

Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki

CH Iron-Owl Hoot's Echo *B

SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard +B

Lakeshore Full Force

Kastdemur's LH Full Service

SG Lakeshore-Farms RCS Shasta

SGCH Iron-Owl TPMP Bleu

Iron-Owl PVT Timpanogos

SG Crown*Point Mandy

SGCH Iron-Owl Hoot 2*M

SG Little-Bic's Rusty Bucket

Little-Bic's Great Expectation

Little-Bic's Cabaret

SGCH Iron-Owl TPPGM Pollywog

Iron-Owl PVT Timpanogos

Iron-Owl Tadpole

Royal Cedars Encore Hanalei

Kastdemur's Finale Encore

SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liaison
GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey
GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador ++*B
GCH Kastdemur's EP Ashley

CH Royal Cedars Lanikai Lanai

Royal-Cedars Pazzaz Jacob *B

GCH  Crown Point Lord Chancellor ++*B

GCH Royal Cedars Plum Pazazz 2*M

Royal Cedars Kahili Lanikai

GCH  Crown Point Lord Chancellor ++*B

GCH Royal Cedars Alii Kahili

Parents Grandparents G-Grandparents GG-Grandparents GGG-Grandparents GGGG-Grandparents

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